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Michael Tunk, Creation of Sin, 2014, Analog collage w/ 1800’s plates, 10” x 11”.

Sphere by Michael Tunk


Collaboration inspiration with Michael Tunk


Collaboration magic with Michael Tunk

Amazingly wonderful collabs with Delilah Jones

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Playing with some materials from 1880


Tomorrow we will be playing damn near our whole full new LP just once before early 2015 along with our besties in Dungeon KidsSUN CLUB, and Vundabar. We’ll have 7”s of our new EP, “Lifting Lake Eerie”. Oh, we’ll also have a surprise for you near the end of the show.

Come out and let us depress you on a tuesday at my favorite venue, Metro Gallery. I hope you’re as excited as we are.


the final curtain by Michael Tunk

L. Ron Hubbard: Portrait of a Master by Michael Tunk

"Bushmeat" analog collage collaboration between Michael Tunk and beetleblossom

"Walk Alone" photomontage by Michael Tunk


The World of Big Cats of War # 6 by michaeltunk

Art and Nightlife show featuring

David Delruelle

Indiana Rogers

Cara Adams

Owen Everett

Chris Rummell

Michael Tunk

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The other 50 pieces all together 100 analog collages. In the time of making them I’ve had a baby that’s now 8 months.

Finally after about two years I’ve finished the last 50 collages made for a book that will be coming out later this year. Only 100 will be made each coming with an original hand made collage some of them which I’ve spent days on. More news on this coming soon. So excited to have finished all 100. Thank you everyone for being a part of everything I do. Thank you Tunk.


Big Cats of War # 35 by michaeltunk